Plein Air Painters of California: The Southland by Ruth Westphal
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Plein Air Painters of California: The North by Ruth Westphal
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California, This Golden Land of Promiseby Joan Irvine Smith and Jean Stern
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California Impressionists by Susan Landauer, with essays by Donald D. Keyes and Jean Stern.  ISBN 0-915977-22-2 hardbound, ISBN 0-915977-25-7 softbound

Masters of Light, Plein-Air Painting in California 1890-1930, the 2002 catalog that was published for the traveling exhibition through Europe.  Introduction by Joan Irvine Smith, Preface by Edward O. Wilson, a Call to Action by Steven J. McCormick, Forward by James Irvine Swinden, essays by Jean Stern and William H. Gerdts.
ISBN 0-9714092-3-4 hardbound, ISBN 0-9714092-4-2 softbound

Guy Rose: American Impressionist.Text by Will South, Introduction by William H. Gerdts, Essay by Jean Stern.   ISBN 0-882140-07-9

Loners, Mavericks & Dreamers: Art in Los Angeles before 1900. Introduction by Nancy Dustin Wall Moure.  ISBN 0-940872-18-6

In Nature’s Temple: The Life and Art of William Wendt.Essays by Dr. Will South, and Jean Stern, Chronology by Janet Blake, Introductions by Joan Irvine Smith, James Irvine Swinden and Bolton Colburn.  ISBN 978-0-9821201-0-1 hardbound, ISBN 978-0-9821201-1-8 softbound

Artists at Continents End: The Monterey Peninsula Art Colony 1875-1907 by Scott Schields.  ISBN 0-520-24736-1

California Watercolors 1850-1970 by Gordon T. McClelland and Jay T. Last
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American Scene Painting: California 1930’s & 1940’s.   Edited by Ruth Westphal and Janet Blake Dominik.  ISBN 9-610520-3-1

The Life and Art of Paul de Longpre by Nancy C. Hall. 
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